Success Stories

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“I remember sitting in the first class I ever took with Lisa and she said, “if you’re here to be famous then leave. If you’re here to be a serious and hard working actor then welcome.” She knew that fame may be a byproduct but should never be the goal. Lisa and David are the only coaches I’ve had since moving to LA 6 years ago. We’ve become a team that works together and knows what works best. They’re both talented actors in their own right who understand the business, the audition process and what it takes to truly succeed.”
– Haley Ramm
Chasing Life (ABC Family), Victor (Feature Film), ImagiGARY (Feature Film), Complicity (Feature Film), Disconnect (Feature Film).

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“Lisa and David are so much fun and will teach kids to be a better actor. Lisa coached me on the role of “Sharkboy” for Robert Rodriguez’ “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl,” and David coached me on the role of Jacob Black for “Twilight.””
– Taylor Lautner
The Ridiculous 6 (Feature Film), Run the Tide (Feature Film), Tracers (Feature Film), Cuckoo (BBC TV), Abduction (Feature Film), The Twilight Series (Feature Films), The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl (Feature Film).